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 I began designing and making angel pins in 1997 and have sold them online since 2003. I personally design and handcraft over 200 distinct guardian angel pins from my home in Eaton, Colorado. Thousands of my angel pins have been sold and shipped to customers as far away as Hawaii, Germany, Australia, Great Britain and Japan.
I have designed memorial pins for those who have lost loved ones and for special events.



This angel pin was the first memorial pin I made.  It was made in memory of a young man who was a avid skateboarder.  He was killed in a car accident along with three other teenagers.  His father came to me and asked me to make a pin to give to his mother, grandmothers and aunts.

Ruth Kidwell pin for Diane Smith

I made this birthstone angel pin for a woman who was giving it to her grandmother. Her grandmother’s birthstone was the head. Her children’s were on the halo, grandchildren on the wings and top skirt and her great-grandchildren’s birthstones were on the bottom skirt. Her grandmother loved it. It became a special keepsake that her grandmother can cherish for years.  I have several styles of pins and necklaces that can hold various numbers of stones.


Guardian angel jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

I handcraft each angel pin with quality materials that have been plated for lasting durability. I’ve marketed my angel designs at many craft shows, hospital gift shops and specialty shops. I’m committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure you are happy with your purchase. I believe in treating my customers the way I’d want to be treated if I were ordering something online. Special order requests are welcome. E-mail me or call me with your requests.

Angel Pins can be a reminder of your faith and can be a great comfort.

 I’ve created memorial pins for those who have lost loved ones and cancer awareness pins for people going through chemo treatments. Those who had memorial pins said that when they looked at their pins, it reminded them of their loved ones and that they were’nt alone. Those who had received cancer awareness angel pins said that every time they looked at theirs, it reminded them not to give up and that their guardian angel was with them.

In addition to my angel pin line, I added other inspirational gifts including pocket tokens, guardian angel visor clips, wedding hankie gifts, and other inspirational gifts for all the occasions of your life.

In many ways, I feel my business has become a ministry. My products have ministered to people in many ways. A gentleman in Florida hands out pocket angels at the soup kitchen he serves at. Another woman in South Carolina hands tokens out at the VA hospitals to wounded soldiers and their wives. A large hospital in Utah orders my Remembrance token sets to give to those who lose loved ones. Another hospital uses my Heart of a Survivor pins to give brain cancer survivors. I made and sent over 400 lung cancer pins to Fort Morgan, CO for friends, family and community members to wear while a woman there went through chemo for lung cancer. They were all part of an angel brigade who agreed to pray every day and wear the angel pins until this woman was finished with her chemo treatment. I am happy to report that she is cancer free today. These are just a few examples of how the Lord has allowed me to be part of how these wonderful people use my products.

My business is a home-based business and I live on a farm near Eaton, Colorado with my husband, Greg. When I’m not making and designing angel pins, I help my husband on our farm and spend time visiting my children and grandchildren. I have been blessed with two wonderful children. My son is married and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. My son and his wife blessed us with two grandsons. My daughter and her husband live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and they’ve also blessed us with two grandsons.

I would like to personally thank my family, friends and customers for their support of this business and special thanks to my husband, son, daughter and mother for all their help over the past years.

I feel the Lord has blessed me with my talent and this business. I hope you and those you give my products to are blessed as well.

Thanks for visiting Angel Designs by Denise!

Angels knew from the start, that the gifts of love, are gifts from the heart..

Handcrafted Angel Pins and gifts
Handcrafted Angel Pins and gifts
Handcrafted Angel Pins and gifts
Handcrafted Angel Pins and gifts
Handcrafted Angel Pins and gifts


Handcrafted Angel Pins and gifts
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  1. Vonnie VanHoose says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your prompt shipment of pocket angels and the angel heart wings back in April. I bagged them up with a thank you note and gave them to everyone at my Mothers funeral and everyone at the Memory Care Unit that took care of her for the last 10 years. I was such a wonderful touch of thankfulness from me and everyone was so touched by this gesture. Thank you again.