To My Goddaughter On Her Wedding Day Gift Set Poem

To my Goddaughter
On her Wedding Day

My heart is filled with memories

Of times when you were small,

Days filled with joy and sorrow—

I loved you through them all.

I remember watching you grow.

I was filled with so much pride

But the years have flown so quickly

And now you are a bride.

As you begin this new life

And become husband and wife

I pray your lives will be filled with love

And blessings sent from God above.

So many precious memories

Of special times in your life,

And now I add your wedding day—

The day you become a wife.

Wear this little angel,

carry her on your hanky,

or pin her on your bouquet.

May she be a reminder of my pride and love,

And that my prayers are with you today.

author: Denise Wiedeman

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