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Cancer Survivor Angel Pin & Poem Card Set

Cancer Survivor Angel Pin & Poem Card Set


This little angel pin set makes a perfect gift to give a cancer survivor.  You can choose a plain angel pin or choose a pin with the color of awareness ribbon that the person has survived.  Choose from an antique silver or gold angel pin with a pearl head.  
Scroll down to read the poem.  Pin size: 5/8"x 1"

  • Poem

    Cancer Survivor Angel


    Remember when you heard the word "Cancer"

    and you felt the fear?

    Remember when you thought about your

    family and friends and wiped away the tears?

    Remember the days when you just

    didn't think you could cope?

    Remember when "Strength" and "Courage"

    took your hand and introduced you to "Hope?"

    Remember the prayers, encouragement,

    and the help of "everyday angels."

    Remember that God has healed you

    and blessed you beyond measure.

    Remember Life is a gift---each a day treasure.

    Remember "You are a Survivor!"


    Author: Denise Wiedeman

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