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Loss of Child or Baby Gift Set

Loss of Child or Baby Gift Set


This boxed gift set is a perfect gift for someone who has lost a baby or a child. Also appropriate for someone who has had a miscarriage. This set comes with a heartfelt poem, a white lace-trimmed hankie and your choice of angel pins. Card Size: 8 1/2"x 5 1/2" Pin size: 5/8" (white daisy with lavender trim card pictured) You may choose the option of the poem to read "I" or "We".   Also indicate below if you want the poem to read baby, child, baby boy, baby girl, or the name.  Please indicate in the comments box how you want the poem to read.  Select your options below.  Scroll down to read poem.

  • Poem

    Thinking of youduring this time of sorrow…


    “Our deepest feelings can’t always

    find their way from hearts to words.”

    I know this is a difficult time for you.

    I wish there was something I could say or do

    To ease your pain and comfort you.

    I hope you know how much I care

    And that you will be in

    my thoughts and prayers.


    Please wear this angel pin 
    in memory of your (child, baby boy,

    baby girl or the child's name).


    You may choose the poem to read "I" or "We" to be from 1 person of from a couple or a group. 
    Specify what you want it to say in the comments box below.  If you'd like to have the head of the angel be a birthsone specify what month you'd like the head to be.

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