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Mom Token Gift Set

Mom Token Gift Set


Give this Mom token gift set to you mom to tell her how much you love her and care for her. The three tokens come in a pink organza bag.
You have a choice of three poem cards.  
The three tokens in the set are:
1)    "Mom, I Love You!  Mother, When I think of you, I remember the warmth of your eyes, and the beauty that blooms like a rose, every time you smile."
2)  Dimensional Angel Token   Carry her in your pocket or stand her on a shelf.  Size:  5/8"x 1"  
3) Puffy Heart Token--This puffy pewter heart has little indentations on it  to give it some texture.  Size: 5/8"

Poems available are:
1)  Mom....You're a blessing to my life.
I thank God you're here,
And I thank Him for the time
We've been allowed to share.
You've mademy life so rich,
And I would like to say,
You are the perfect "MOTHER"
In every singel way.

2)  God must have known 
There would be times
We’d need a gentle touch,
A tender, understanding heart
To love us very much.
He must have known
We’d need someone
To listen to our cares—
To comfort and remember us
In loving thought and prayers,
So in His boundless wisdom, 
He sent us from above
The dearest blessing in the world—
A mother’s precious love!

3)  My Mother, My Friend
God blessed me with a special friend
who’s always there for me.
Sharing good times, laughing, talking,
listening patiently.
She knows when I need cheering up
and when to give me space,
She sees me through the troubled times
I sometimes have to face.
She’s been my guardian angel
right from the very start,
And she’ll always hold a special place
deep inside my heart.

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