Police Token Set

Police Token Set


Thank a police officer by giving them the police token set.

Set includes:

1) Police Officer Token:  "Police...God bless our Police Officers, Keep them safe both day and night, Give them Strength and Courage, to enforce all that is right." Size: 1 1/8"

2) Protect and Guide Token:  This token has an angel image stamped out with "protect and guide" engraved on both sides of the token. Size: 3/4"

3) Heroes Token: On one side it reads "Our Heroes" and on the other side it reads " Thank You." This token is smaller than most of my tokens but it's the only token I could find that says thank you to our heroes. Size: 5/8"x 5/8"


Comes in a blue Organza bag with a card.



BLESS our police officers

one and All,

Keep them SAFE on

every CALL!

THANK YOU for all you do!