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Superhero Token Set

Superhero Token Set


Superhero Token Set

This token set makes a great gift for a nurse, doctor, or CNA.  The card reads "Here's a little angel to with you today.  To protect you from the germs you'll encounter along the way."  You have your choice of two tokens. 
 1. Protect and Guide Token:  This token has an angel image stamped out with "protect and guide" engraved on both sides of the token.  Size: 3/4"
2.Guardian angel Token:  "Guardian Angel...Protect us all, Giving strength when we might fall,  Watching, guiding, Lighting the way, Thru the night and every day.  Size: 1 1/8"

Card Size: 2" x 3 1/2"

Comes with an envelope.

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