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Memorial Tribute

They will never be alone...


On March 21, 2003 a fatal car accident on Colorado Interstate 25 took the lives of three teenage girls. The community of Longmont, Colorado was devastated.

The three girls were the best of friends. Aubrey Corona was a sophomore at Silver Creek High School while Amy Heiney and Jessica Hunter were sophomores at Longmont High School. You would never know that they attended different schools as much time as they spent together.

At times like these, we are never quite sure what to say or what to do. Parents from the LHS volleyball program wanted to do something for the families of the girls. Aubrey was active in her church and participated in swimming, tennis and basketball. Amy and Jessica participated in the Longmont Volleyball program. They too, were active members within their respective churches and youth groups.

There were memorial scholarships established in each girls name, yet we still felt the need to find ways to visibly show our support and love to the families and friends of the girls, and assure the families that we would not forget their children. It has always astonished me how we are able to find the answers through others humanity. 

Denise created the following remembrance pins: 

memorial tribute - Handcrafted angel pins, visor clips, pocket tokens, wedding hankie gifts and other inspirational gifts for all occasions.

Denise Wiedeman, who owns Designs by Denise, had a volleyball angel pin on display at a local retailer. I am not sure why I was even in that store that day but it was meant to be. That one and only pin had the hope and healing we were looking for.

I called Denise and asked if she could help create custom pins in remembrance of the girls. We met at her home for an hour and a half. As I spoke of the girls, I told Denise of their characteristics, how the parents see things in “3’s”, and how faith had guided the girls and their families. We wanted to be able to show our support and love to the families hoping this small gesture might help the healing process.

Mother of angels pin - Angel Designs by Denise
Community pin - Angel Designs by Denise

Mother of Angels pin: 

For the three moms. 
Each has her daughter’s angel closest to the heart of the Mother Angel and her daughter’s two best friends on the skirt below

Community pin: 
Eloquent silver pin with
each girls birthstone on the skirt of the angel and a gold cross with a heart in the middle. This pin is for anyone who knew the girls or their family members. 

Cap pin - Angel Designs by Denise

Cap pins: 
Especially for the men and young men to place on their baseball caps in remembrance of the girls.

Volleyball team pin - Angel Designs by Denise

Longmont Volleyball pin:
A gold volleyball, silver angels on each side of the ball with a gold bow and the numbers 3 and 6 representing Amy and Jessica.
Amy (#3) and Jessica (#6)

Swimming team pin - Angel Designs by Denise

Silver Creek Swimming pin: 
For members of the girls & boys swimming program with Aubrey’s initials on the wings.

All the pins have three tiers of angel wings - again, another way to keep the girls together in 3 ’s. Each pin was customized in remembrance of Amy, Aubrey and Jessica. Denise captured the true essence and heart of the girls. This was a beautiful way to honor their life. Every pin shared is designed by hand, a true original, and a testament that each girl was her own person, yet they were the best of friends too.

They will never be alone.

Diane Ruby
Longmont High School Educator

* A portion of the proceeds from the pins that were sold went into the three memorial scholarships that were set up.

Angel Designs by Denise
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