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God Works in Mysterious Ways #pockettokens #pocketcoins #veterans #military

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

A few years ago, I was contacted by a woman named Kelly, whose husband had been severely injured in Iraq. She spent a lot of time at military hospitals and military events.

She contacted me to purchase pocket tokens to give to military men and women and their families to encourage them. She carried a variety of them in her purse. When she saw someone in need, without looking, she would pull out a token and give it to that person.

One day, she was at a service for fallen soldiers. A woman was there that had lost her son. Kelly saw her crying, reached into her purse and gave her a coin. Later on, after the woman had time to compose herself, she thanked Kelly for the coin. She told Kelly that in her son's belongings was a small bible with one verse underlined. The verse that was underlined was the exact same verse that was on the coin that Kelly had given her.

God works in mysterious ways!!! The woman didn't even know that her son had a Bible. She was so touched and grateful to Kelly for her kindness. She knew God was speaking to her and the coin was such a comfort to her. The pocket tokens have been a blessing to many.

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