Bless My Teen Token Set

Bless My Teen Token Set


This set of assorted tokens are sold as a set of 3 and can be used to create party favors, meditation and healing, and gifts.   This set makes a great gift for a teen who has just started to drive to encourage them and remind them to be careful.  Choose the poem for a boy or girl.

The three tokens you receive are:
1) Safe Travel Token:  " You are more special that words can say so please travel safely, each and every day..."  It has an angel holding a lantern lighting the way as someone crosses a bridge on the other side of the token. 
2) God Protect us as we travel, by air or land or sea,  Keep us safe, and guide us, wherever we may be."  Size: 1 1/4"
3) Protect and Guide token

Comes with a blue organza bag.  
Photos show front and back of each token you will receive.


Bless my teen
As he/she starts to drive,
Help him/her to be friendly,
Cautious and kind.
Put all distractions 
Out of his/her mind.
Send your angels with him/her
Wherever he/she may roam,
And please Lord,
Bring him/her safely home!