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To My or Our Grandson on Your Wedding Day Token Set

To My or Our Grandson on Your Wedding Day Token Set


This poem with a pewter token is a perfect keepsake gift to give to your grandson on his wedding day. The pewter token says "Always in my Heart" on one side and the other side says "I Love You." You can choose the wording on the card to say "My" or "Our." Card size: 5 1/2"x 8 1/2" Token size: 1 1/4" Set comes with an envelope. 

  • Poem

    To Our Grandson On

    Your Wedding Day


    Our hearts are filled with memories

    Of times when you were small,

    Days filled with joy and sorrow-

    We’ve loved you through them all.

    It seems like only yesterday,

    We were watching you run and play.


    Now you’ve grown up, fallen in love,

    And are starting a brand new life.

    We wish joy, love and many blessings

    For you and your lovely new wife.

    You have always been

    Very special to us,

    And forever in our hearts

    You will always be.


      Author: Denise Wiedeman

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