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To the Mother of the Bride (from friend) Hankie & Angel Gift Set

To the Mother of the Bride (from friend) Hankie & Angel Gift Set


This gift set is perfect to give to your friend for her daughter's wedding day.  It comes with a white lace hankie and your choice of angel pins.  

Card size: 8 1/2"x 5 1/2"

Pin size: 5/8"

Select your choice of options below. 

Scroll down to read the poem. 

(Sage Green Calla Lillies Card Pictured)  

  • Poem


    To the Mother of the Bride

    It seems like only yesterday
    you held her in your arms,
    And she melted your heart
    with her little girl charms.

    She’s grown up, fallen in love,
    and is about to become a wife,
    Together, they will set out
    and start a brand new life.

    She’s your heart’s greatest pride…
    with her, you’ve laughed and you’ve cried
    Bittersweet is the wedding day
    for the Mother of the Bride.

    This keepsake hanky is to dry the tears
    that you are sure to shed,
    And a guardian angel to watch over you
    on the day your daughter is wed.


    Author: Denise Wiedeman





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