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My Cross Poem Card

My Cross Poem Card


Give this card to someone who needs inspiration or comfort.  Card Size: 2 1/2"x 3 1/2"  Scroll down to read the poem.

  • Poem

    My Cross....

    My cross is not a relic

    Of two thousand years ago,

     It's a symbol and a comfort

    That's with me wherever I go. 
    The message is so simple,
    And its meaning clear to see, 
    It's kept as a remembrance
    Of what Jesus did for me. 
    My cross is a reminder,

    a keepsake that I hold.  
    When life gets complicated

    and the world seems gone astray,

    that's when the cross I cling to

    will help me through the day. 
    I'll keep it with me always,

    and someday I will see,

    standing there at Heaven's Gate,

    it really was the "Key."

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