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New Grandchild Guardian Angel Pin Set #139

New Grandchild Guardian Angel Pin Set #139


This set is a special little gift you can give to someone who has just had a new grandchild.  Choose an antique gold or antique silver angel pin with a crystal or pearl head.  Card size: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"  Angel pin size: 5/8"   Scroll down to read the poem.

  • Poem

    A New Grandchild


    It seems like only yesterday

    your children were still small,

    But they’ve grown up and now you have

    the greatest joy of all—

    A darling, little grandchild

    to carry on the pride

    And special love you feel for all

    your family deep inside.


    A new little grandchild

    to cuddle and love,

    To spoil just a little

    and think the world of,

    A bundle from heaven

    to simply adore,

    Now who in the world

    could ask for much more!


    Enjoy Your New Grandchild!

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