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Police Officer's Prayer Token Set

Police Officer's Prayer Token Set


The prayer reads: "Lord, walk beside me and guide me each day in the work that I do...and PLEASE Lord, protect and watch over my brothers and sisters in blue."    Card Size: 3 1/2" x 2"  Comes with an envelope.

You have your choice of three tokens.

Protect and Guide Angel Pocket Token
This token has an angel image stamped out with "protect and guide" engraved on both sides of the token.  Size: 3/4"

"Police...God bless our Police Officers, Keep them safe both day and night, Give them Strength and Courage, to enforce all that is right."   
Size: 1 1/8

 "Guardian Angel...Protect us all, Giving strength when we might fall,  Watching, guiding, Lighting the way, Thru the night and every day."  Size: 1 1/8

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