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Recovery Angel Pin & Poem Card  #139

Recovery Angel Pin & Poem Card #139


This special little angel pin set can be given to someone who has recovered from drug or alcohol addiction, an illness, a divorce or just a really difficult time. Card size: 4"x 5x1/2" Angel pin size: 5/8"   Scroll down to read the poem.

  • Poem

    Recovery Angel Pin


    This little angel knows that times

    have not always been easy.

    Some days you’ve

    been down and blue.

    Other days a battle has

    raged within you.


    This little angel  has come

    to make you strong.

    We understand the road

    has been long.

    One step at a time

    that’s what they say.

    May this little angel

    help you find your way.


    Author: Denise Wiedeman

    & Kathy Brehon

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