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Sharing in Your Sorrow Angel Pin Set #139

Sharing in Your Sorrow Angel Pin Set #139


Give this angel pin and poem set to someone who has lost a loved one. You have your choice of an antique gold or silver angel pin with either a pearl or crystal head. Angel pin #139  Size: 3/8" Card Size: 2 1/2"x 3 1/2"  Scroll down to read the poem.  

  • Poem

    Sharing in Your Sorrow


    I know this time of grief

    is so difficult for you,

    And thinking of you hurting

    makes my heart hurt , too.

    We can never really know 

    how another feels.

    I can only hope you know

    that my concern for you is real.

    I just wish there was something

    more that I could do.

    To take away the sorrow that 

    is weighing down on you.

    Although I cannot change things---

    things I can extend-

    My loving thoughts, my heartfelt prayers

    For you, my special friend.





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