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There's a Reason Angel Pin Set #112

There's a Reason Angel Pin Set #112


This poem card and angel pin set could be given to someone who has gone through tough times, an illness, or has lost a loved one and is struggling with the reason why.   Available with an antique silver or gold pin with a crystal or pearl head. Card Size: 2 1/2"x 3 1/2" Angel pin #a112 Size: 3/8"   Scroll down to read the poem.

  • Poem

    There's  A Reason

    For every pain, that we must bear, 
    For every burden, every care...

    There is a reason. 
    For every grief, that bows the head,
    For every tear-drop that is shed...

    There is a reason. 
    For every hurt,
    For every lonely, pain racked night. 
    There is a reason.
    But if we trust God
    As we should,
    It all will work out for our good. 
    He knows the reason."


     Author: Unknown

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