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To Dad with Love From Your Son Poem & Token Set

To Dad with Love From Your Son Poem & Token Set


Give this heartfelt poem and token to your dad on your wedding day to tell him how much you appreciate and love him. The token reads "I love you" on one side and "Always in my heart." on the other side.  Card size: 5 1/2"x 8" Token size: 1 1/8" Set comes with an envelope.  

  • Poem

    To Dad with Love

    From your Son,


    From the time I was born

    you were there every day,

    Loving me and guiding me

    every step of the way.

    And now as I start a brand new life,

    one thing is surely true

    There's nothing that could change

    the love I have for you.

    I want to thank you, dad,

    for all that you have done,

    Now and always will I be

    your very grateful son.


    Author: Denise Wiedeman


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