**To My Granddaughter on Her Wedding Day (from deceased grandparent)

**To My Granddaughter on Her Wedding Day (from deceased grandparent)


Are you looking for a gift to give to your daughter from her deceased grandparents?  This is the perfect gift.  This gift includes some words of love and some keepsake gifts to remind her that her grandparents are looking down on her from up above.  She can carry the hankie and she can wear the angel pin, carry it on the hankie or pin it somewhere on her bouquet. This gift boxed set includes your choice of a white lace-trimmed or embroidered hankie with your choice of angel pins.

Card size: 8 1/2"x 5 1/2"

Pin size: 5/8"

(blue wave card is pictured)

Designs on embroidered hankies may vary slightly.

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  • Poem


    To my Granddaughter

    On her Wedding Day


    I wish that I could be there

    On your special day.

    There are so many things

    I wish that I could say.


    I remember watching you grow.

    I was filled with so much pride

    But the years have flown so quickly

    And now you are a bride.


    As you begin this new life

    And you journey down the aisle

    I pray your lives will be filled with love

    And blessings sent from God above.


    You’ll be beautifully dressed in your gown

    And wearing your something blue

    And I will be looking down on you

    As you say “I do.”


    Wear this little angel,

    carry her on your hanky,

    or pin her on your bouquet.

    May she be a reminder of my love

    And that I will be watching over you

    From heaven above.


    Author: Denise Wiedeman