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Appreciating Our Postal Workers

 Have you ever thought about how unappreciated mail carriers are?

I know many of you may have complaints about the U.S. Postal Service–rates are too high–they’ve lost a package–it takes too long–or whatever the case may be.

I am sharing this because I feel differently.  When I started my web site in 2003, I had to look at different shipping options.  Hands down, the U.S. Postal Service was the least expensive.  I didn’t want to make people spend $6.95 through UPS or Fed-Ex to send a $1.50 token that weighs 1 ounce.

I’ve shipped my products through the USPS since the day I opened my web site in June of 2003.  During that time, I’ve sent sent over 20,000 packages and have had less than a dozen that have gotten lost or have not been delivered on time.  In my opinion, those are pretty good statistics.

I live in the country on a farm about 60 miles north of Denver, CO.  I have the best mail carrier!  Her name is Vanessa and she has a smile on her ace regardless of the weather conditions.  We’ve had days when there are blizzard conditions outside and she still delivers our mail.  I’ve seen her out as late as 7 pm still delivering mail.

Their work load has increased because UPS is dropping off some of their packages and are asking postal service to deliver them.  I’ve seen her with her vehicle piled to the ceiling with packages to be delivered.

If they have an overnight package to deliver, they leave their route to that package delivered by the time agreed upon.

She shows up early in the morning to sort the mail.  They have to sort all of the regular mail plus all the junk mail.  Then she has to load it all into her car.  She never stops for lunch or has coffee breaks.  It’s usually 10 -11 am when she gets her route started.  Many days it’s after 5 pm when she delivers my mail and I know I’m not at the end of her route.  Then she has to drive back to the post office ( 20 minute drive) and unload everything she picked up that day.  it makes for a very long day.

Then you have the holidays when many people are shopping online which creates even more packages.  You also have all of the Christmas cards that people are mailing and that creates even later nights.

I think it’s time to thank our postal workers and cut them some slack.  Have you ever done anything nice for your postal carrier or even told them thank you?  They deal with long lines, long delivery routes and some very cranky people.

This holiday season do something nice for your mail carrier.  Bake them some cookies, give them a gift card or just write them a thank you note.  I know it will be greatly appreciated.

I carry a few items that could be given to them as a thank you gift.  I created a guardian angel postal worker’s angel pin that they can wear.

Postal Workers Angel Pin

Postal Worker’s Guardian Angel Pin

I have several guardian angel visor clips that could be given to a mail carrier.  Here is an example of just one of them.  This one also glows in the dark.


Guardian Angel Glow in the Dark Visor Clip

You could also give your mail carrier the Traveler’s Prayer Pocket Token.

traveler's prayer, safe travel, mail carrier, postal worker

Traveler’s Prayer Pocket Token

Let’s show our postal workers that we appreciate them and the hard work that they do.

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If You Ate Today–Thank A Farmer!

I see this picture on Facebook from time to time and I’m always grateful to see it.

If You Ate Today, Thank A Farmer!

One of the reasons is that I’m married to a farmer and my dad and all of grandparents and great grandparents were farmers.

My great grandparents were Germans from Russia and came to this country looking for a better life.  Many of them settled in the Windsor and Fort Collins area of Colorado and worked in the sugar beet fields.  That didn’t mean just the men worked the fields; the entire family worked the fields.  My grandma told me stories of getting up while it was still dark out to make lunches, cook breakfast and prepare to go out to the fields to work.  The children went with them.  If they weren’t old enough to work, then they played on the ends of the fields.  Then when the women came back in at night,  they had to cook supper and get the children ready for bed.  It was a long and tiring day.

Farming has changed so very much since the days of pulling a plow with a horse. Now we have tractors with cabs that have GPS and can plant rows in a perfect circle.

Instead of having to have hundreds of irrigation tubes that we had to start we can now with a push of a button start the sprinkler which walks around in a circle and irrigates the entire farm.

My grandparents wouldn’t believe the changes in farming today. 

I’m proud to come from that farming heritage and to be married to a farmer.  here is no better place to raise a family than on the farm.  It teaches kids how to work, the value of a dollar, how to care for animals and the responsibility that comes with that.

You learn to have a tremendous amount of faith when you are a farmer.

You believe when you plant that little seed that the Lord will bless you with enough moisture to sprout it and make it grow.  You also trust the Lord for moisture throughout the summer or enough snow melt in the mountains to fill the reservoirs so you can irrigate your crops throughout the summer.

All summer long, you pray and have faith that a hail storm doesn’t hit your crops. We’ve had times when we’ve been hit with devastating hail storms, but you forge ahead, harvest what you can, and start over the next year.

God continues to bless us and we have faith each year for a new crop when that little plants pops through the ground.  We have hope and pray that God will bless us with a bountiful harvest.  Remember the next time you see a farmer, to tell them thank you.  Thank a farmer and his wife with one of the products below:

Farmer Guardian Angel Pin

Farmer Guardian Angel Pin

Farmer Guardian Angel Pin

Farmer Guardian Angel Pin

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Something Blue Guardian Angel Pin

Something Blue Guardian Angel Pin – Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered where the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” came from?  This little poem dates back to the Victorian Age.  Many of the wedding traditions we embrace today date back to this romantic era.  The four items mentioned in the poem are meant to bring good luck to the bride and the newly married couple.

Something Old: 

Symbolizes CONTINUITY of the bride’s family and her past.  The “old” item has different meanings.  Some believe that it’s a desire to remain connected with your family even after you’ve established a family of your own.  It can also represent the life you are leaving behind.  There are several ideas that a bride can use as her “something old.”  They include a cherished piece of jewelry from mom or grandma, a bonnet from the bride’s christening day, a keepsake hanky from mom’s wedding day or a piece of lace from mom or grandma’s wedding gown stitched into the hem of her gown.

Something New:

Symbolizes HOPE and OPTIMISM for the couple’s future and that their marriage will stand the test of time.  Some brides’ consider their wedding gown as their “something new.”  You could also carry a new hanky, or wear a new piece of jewelry with your wedding gown. The “something new” item is the easiest to come up with, since most everything you wear that day is new.

Something Borrowed:

Symbolizes borrowing something from mom, grandma, or someone special who has been happily married and hoping that their good fortune will carry over to the bride.  The bride could borrow a small pretty purse, a beautiful piece of jewelry, a string of pearls, an old handkerchief that mom or grandma carried, or a cake cutting knife set. 

Something Blue: 

Symbolizes LOVE, FIDELITY, MODESTY and PURITY.  The early Christians chose pale blue for the Virgin Mary to wear.  Before the late 19th century, many brides chose blue as the color of their wedding gowns.  Brides have gotten creative incorporating something blue into their wedding ensemble.  Many wear the traditional blue garter.  Others have worn blue panties, blue eye shadow, blue nail polish, a piece of blue jewelry with blues stone in it, and even blue shoes.

For centuries, brides have given a lot of thought about what they will use as their something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition.  Many believe that these items will bring the bride good luck.   Today, brides use this tradition to honor people close to them on their wedding day.

Creating My Own Something Blue Angel Pin

A few years ago when my daughter was getting married,  she wanted something special for her something blue.  She also wanted a guardian angel pin to watch over her on her wedding day so I incorporated the two ideas into a special something blue angel pin for her to wear on her special day.  One afternoon, I played around with some parts and created her a  something blue angel pin.   She pinned it onto the ribbon of her bouquet.  Guardian angel pins can also be pinned somewhere on the bride’s gown.  Other brides have pinned it to a handkerchief that they carry.  

Then my daughter had another idea.  She thought that I should make a  something blue angel pin set that would include a poem.  She thought there might be other brides looking for something different than the traditional blue garter to wear on their wedding day.  So I created two different sets for brides to choose from.

This set comes with a poem card and a something blue angel pin along with a royal blue velveteen gift bag.  This is the perfect set to give to a bride who perhaps already has a special handkerchief to carry on her special day.  Each angel pin is available in an antique gold or silver finish.  They each have a pearl head.  Nestled in the wings of each angel is a heart with three sapphire blue Austrian crystals inside the heart.

The second set I created comes with a beautiful, floral poem card, your choice of a lace or embroidered handkerchief, and your choice of an antique gold or silver something blue angel pin.   This set is perfect for the bride who doesn’t have a hanky to carry. 

The poem that comes with both sets reads:

Here’s a guardian angel
that has a touch of something blue.
Wear her on your wedding day
and she’ll watch over you.

She’ll calm your nerves
and she’ll guide you all the while
Giving you peace and joy
As you’re walking down the aisle.

May she also help remind you
As you pledge your lifelong love,
that she will protect and guide you
And keep watch from up above.

Author: Denise Wiedeman

This is a Something Blue Angel Pin Hanky Set available at http://AngelDesignsBy

         Something Blue Hanky & Angel Pin Set             

  Either on of these sets make a thoughtful gift for a bride.  They can be given at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just because.
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Article Source:




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Birthstone Guardian Angel Pins

Today on the bottom of an order a customer wrote:

“We bought one of your guardian angel birthstone pins many years ago for my mother-in-law.  It was one of her prized possessions and she was wearing it when we buried her.  I am now purchasing this one for my wife.  The stones in the angel pin represent our love, children and granddaughters.  I’m sure it will be a treasured possession for her, too.”


Years ago, birthstone rings, pins and pendants were very popular.   I remember my mom and grandma each having a birthstone ring with our birthstones in them.  They loved them and wore them regularly.  Today, you don’t seem to see them much anymore.  I’ve had several customers call me and tell me that they have looked all over for a birthstone gift to give to their mother or grandmother.  I’ve suggested to them that they give a birthstone guardian angel pin.

Birthstones are gemstones that accompany a birth month.   Each birthstone has a unique meaning and historical significance.  Birthstones were popular even in ancient times.

The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list dates  back to 1912 with only one addition since then – tanzanite was added to December.

The people believed that gemstones had incredible powers such as luck, health and prosperity.  Some even believed that wearing the birthstones had healing powers.  According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers.    Traditionally, each month is associated with a single gemstone, but there are a few months with multiple  birthstones. The birthstones associated with birth months today are not necessarily the same ones that were used in ancient times.  This is the chart of the months showing the birthstones I use in on my pins.   I use Austrian crystals on all of my birthstone guardian angel pins and necklaces.

Birthstone Chart

Birthstone Chart

Angel Pins With Additional Skirts

When I started making angel pins, customers began asking me if I could make birthstone guardian angel pins and necklaces.  I made angels that can hold varying numbers of stones.  I also have angels that additional skirts can be added so that the stones of grandchildren and great grandchildren can be added to their angel.  If I make an angel for you and you need to add more stones later, just call me and I’ll send you the stones you need to add.

This is a Birthstone Angel Pin with a double skirt if you need additional birthstones by

Birthstone Guardian Angel Pin

Birthstone Angel Necklaces

I also make several different kinds of birthstone angel necklaces.  Some women don’t like to wear pins so a necklace is the perfect choice.   If you’d like to give your mom or grandma an angel pin or necklace, I’d love to make one for you.  They make  great gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas.  Here is a picture of one of the necklaces.

Birthstone Guardian Angel Necklace -

Birthstone Guardian Angel Necklace

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Thanking Our Veterans

Thanking Our Veterans

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  I have many customers who are veterans and many who are serving in the military now.  A customer of mine has now become my online  friend.  Her husband had a portion of his face and skull blown off in Iraq.  He has had many, many surgeries to reconstruct his skull and face.  He now suffers from headaches and seizures.  How do we as Americans say thank you to someone like that?

There are no words to convey to him how thankful we are.  We have no idea what he has gone through and what lies ahead for him.  I think we all take our freedom for granted and don’t realize the price that these people and their families pay for us to live in this free country.  I say thank you to each one them who has served.

When I travel I take some of my pocket tokens with me.  When I see someone in uniform, I give them one of these pocket tokens and tell them “thank you for your service.”  The reaction has been varied.  One young man was with his parents when I gave him the coin.  He shook my hand and said that he was proud to serve.  As I turned and looked at his mom and dad, tears were streaming down their faces.  The mom thanked me for honoring her son with that small token.  One side of the pocket token reads “God Bless America” and the other side reads ” God Bless Those Who Serve, Who Give Of Themselves With No Reserve.”

Be sure the next time you see someone in uniform, take a minute and thank them.  That’s the least that we can do.

God Bless Those Who Serve token

God Bless Those Who Serve Pocket Token

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Never Travel (or Drive) Faster than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly Visor Clip

Never Travel (or Drive) Faster than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly Visor Clip

“Never Travel (or Drive) Faster than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly” is a saying that we hear and see on key rings, auto mirror medallions and auto visor clips. This saying is accredited to the remarkable woman, Mother Theresa.

For me, the quote implies that we each have our own “personal” guardian angel. This means that we have at our disposal a super power, an agent that has our best interests at heart, who will guide us and protect us, allowing us to achieve great things.

For some it means that you are flying through something too fast.   Your Guardian Angel probably can’t keep up. You might be thinking about doing something foolish. So, slow down, take time to think everything through and let your Guardian Angel stay by your side.  If you out run your guardian angel (who cannot run and must fly) then you are unprotected.

The “Never Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly” auto visor clip is one of the most popular items that I sell on my web site. Many of my customers believe that this visor clip represents their personal guardian angel and they keep it in their car at all times. They also give them to friends and family members when they turn 16 and begin to drive to represent their guardian angel.

I’ve received phone calls from customers who have been involved in a car accident. Their cars were totaled but they came away with only a few scratches.   They firmly believe that “their” guardian angel was with them and protected them in the crash. I’ve also had customers call and ask me to overnight them a new visor clip because theirs was lost, damaged, or towed away with their car. They didn’t want to travel anywhere without “their” guardian angel.

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